Interactive experiences which enable your body, heart and imagination, in a very active way, to achieve healthful results. Take advantage of energy medicine, guided meditations, past-life regressions and more.


Progressive Healing Arts

Tap Into Your Own Healing Potential


Further your education with Reiki Level I and Level II certifications, one-on-one or with a group.​ Includes in-depth instruction, four attunements per class and Reiki practice sessions. Energy, once you know, is the gift that will keep on giving!


Based out of Portland, OR each individual will enjoy private one-on-one sessions either in person or remotely. Take yourself on a deep dive of a journey! Self transformation is one of the greatest achievements in life. Let us help you as you work towards your life goals.

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Meet Our Provider

Jamie Crawford is a Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher for both humans and animals, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Natural Healer with a deep connection to spirit.  Practicing Reiki professionally since 2017 out of the Portland, OR area.

Hypnotherapy has become a passion of hers and its no wonder! She has officially took up the torch her Great-Grandfather once bore as a hypnotherapist in the early 1900's. Though, Jamie takes her practice as her own focusing on age and past-life regressions. She is also very adept at guided energy clearings and other guided meditations for overall wellbeing!
​Energetically and intuitively she specializes in chakra alignment and balancing, as well as past-life and karmic connections in her Reiki sessions. For students of Reiki, Jamie is a phenomenal Teacher who understands the foundations of energy medicine and enjoys sharing this knowledge.
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"Thank you for blessing me with the amazing Reiki session!  You have amazing energy and flow.  Thank you SO much!"

~ Marlin

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