The pandemic of 2020 has been a big lesson for many of us in that the people around us are incredibly important. Not only is friendship and love important, it is also in teamwork that we can grow as individuals. 

So in honor of those who have made an impression on me I am adding links to their web-pages and social sites.

Taste of PDX

"Cup of Tea" in Clackamas OR is a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy a warm cup in your hands or a cold refreshing drink on a hot day. Choose many flavors from their Wall of Tea's and stop by Saturday evenings for local events with your 'spot of tea'!

Do you want a nice ambient atmosphere with beautiful people to chit chat with? Stop by "Nalu Kava Lounge" in North Portland! Besides kava, they also serve herbal tea and cacao drinks.







Useful Links

This community understands what it means to take care of yourself and has phenomenal natural products that LIV up to your everyday potential! 



"The ultimate expression of Love" and that it is! Discover music in a new light and shine that light far and wide! Mention Progressive Healing Arts with custom made songs!

Places to Visit



Have you ever been to a sensory deprivation tank? Check out "Float On" in Portland, OR Hawthorn neighborhood for to enjoy spending 90 minutes in an enclosed dark space floating in 10 inches of salt water. Click below to learn more about floating. I highly recommend giving it a try!




"NW Sound Healing Instruments" is a community oriented healing retail store, performance and event venue. You can find instuments like pan drums, singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks and more. They hold weekly sound bath events at their shop in Vancouver, WA

A simply wonderful and family oriented metaphysical shop. All you herbal and tincture needs can be found here. Events in the 'living room'. Found in the Selwood neighborhood.

"Sunnyside Collaborative Care" in Happy Valley, OR specializes in natural health care, with a wide range of practitioners for your everyday needs. Such as acupuncture, chiropractic and naturalistic doctors available.