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Services offered Remotely or In-Person

Awakenings -Four week intensive for spiritual awakening support
12 Spots Available!

The Awakening program allows a client to structure their mental and emotional domain to orient themselves to positive and needful outcomes as you navigate these uncertain times and feelings.   It's a deep dive into a personal self-discovery and re-identifying with yourself with a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. Includes Four consecutive sessions including coaching, Reiki and Hypnotherapy. After you have completed the individual sessions, you will be invited to join a weekly Group Support Pod with other program participants. 


Reiki has been growing in recognition as an approved therapy for a variety of ailments; physical, emotional, and mental. As well as, an effective remedy for stress and overwork. A Reiki session is conducted fully clothed and involves the practitioner channeling healing energy into the client. 

Reiki on children, pregnant woman and animals are available as well.

Past Life Therapy -Breaking the Bonds of Time

PLRT assumes that we have a Spiritual Body that reincarnates and carries Emotional and Mental residues, and the imprint of Karmic actions. Take a journey through your past-lives in an interactive experience which enable you, in a very active way, to achieve healthful results. PLRT is like other therapies that regress to a causative action in a past life and helps you untangle the interweaving threads of karma. Clarifying your mental and emotional Framework. You receive three to four individual hypnosis sessions which include a Free phone consultation (with the first hypnosis session scheduled) First session includes an age regression then next sessions we move into past-life regressions and follow-up. 


Within an altered state of consciousness using the power of suggestion and your active imagination to facilitate needful changes. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies to treat many conditions such as phobias/fears, insomnia, depression, stress to name a few. Hypnosis can also deepen your awareness of your own inner voice and connection to your divine nature.

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